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What it means to contribute

If you’re a new open source contributor, the process can be intimidating. How do you find the right project? What if you don’t know how to code? What if something goes wrong?

Why Opensource?

Benefits of Opensource contributions

  • Build your confidence as a developer

    By contributing to an open source project, you receive immediate feedback on your development and programming skills. You may get suggestions about the choice of a function name, the way you used conditional logic, or how using a goroutine you didn't know about speeds up the execution of your program. This is all invaluable feedback to receive when you're learning something new

  • Build your resume or CV

    open source provides the perfect opportunity! In addition to building your skills and increasing your confidence, all of your open source contributions are public and demonstrate the skills you have mastered and the projects you've tackled. In fact, your open source profile by itself could provide you with a strong portfolio that sets you apart from other job candidates

  • Build your professional network

    Building a strong professional network can help you achieve your career goals, learn more about your own or adjacent fields, and help with a job search. Contributing to open source is an excellent way to build that network. You join a welcoming community of hundreds or thousands of contributors, interact with likeminded developers in the open source space, and build connections along the way. You might even get introduced to key people in the industry, like the maintainer of a high-profile open source tool. Such relationships can turn into career-changing connections.

  • Get a better understanding of technology

    Companies and individuals who contribute to an open source project get to know the technology at a much deeper level. It helps in strengthening the understanding of the project. It helps in developing the internal use of tech in the team or organisation

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